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February 2004 | Mobile Bottling Line Survey


Below is a list of features of one of the lines being considered
MULTIBLOC  9-1-9-1/1-LAB.

Manufactured by:  FIMER
Model:  Quadbloc"SRTT /SV 9-9-1/1"     
Output:: 1500  bottles/minute (750 ml bottles)


 9 clamp rinser (Cam operated)
 9 spout low vacuum filter
  Revolving  turret corker - Screw capper complete with caps reservoir and chute
 Capsule dispenser
 Single labelling station capable of labelling front and back label of one roll 
 Interchangeable PVC shrink head optimum speed 1500 bts/hr
 Interchangeable spinner head  optimum speed 1200 bts/hr
 Unit supplied with parts in order to work with one size of bottle


 Heavy duty stainless steel frame
 Plates surface covered in stainless steel
 External frame in stainless steel
 Filler tank, spouts and any parts in contact with the wine are in stainless steel
 All gaskets to be food grade approved
 Rinser carousel height adjustment is manual
 Complete with singlehHead De-aeration station
 Filler height adjustment is manual
 Capper height adjustment is manual
 Filler level obtained with different size of spacers
 Spring loaded piston with return by cams
 Light vacuum obtained with a vacuum fan complete with a valve for the control of the amount 
      of vacuum needed
 Inlet of wine is controlled by an electric valve
 Speed variator included
 Electrical panel in stainless steel with 24 volt controls
 Wine supply pump attachment (automatic on-off included)
 4 jaws mechanism on corker
 Vacuum on corker

 Equipped with a bottle rotation roller 40SH
 Label support rest bushings mounted on self-lubricating bearings
 Control card with microprocessor
 Stations adjustable in height from the bottom of the bottle (Min. 10 mm - Max. 45 mm)
 Paper driving roller with quick release
 Suitable for all cylindrical sizes between Diam. 60 - Diam. 120
 Maximum paper passage 140 mm
 Complete with capsule holder/distributor
 Complete with Spinner to apply Polylam. or tin foil capsules
 Complete with Shrink head to apply PVC capsules
 Error tolerance in the label application:  +/- 2.5 mm (with cylindrical containers)
 Possibility of applying wraparound labels up to a maximum length of 410 mm 
  (basic machine version)

 Safety guards with heavy duty frame included
 The machine is built according to CE rules and regulations. 
 Unit complete with parts for one size bottles


 Change over parts for different sized bottles.
 Level injector. 

drawing (23K)